The Naesbycentre was established in 1983 in an uncovered field.

We wanted the Naesbycentre to be a campsite centre. Therefore, we had to plant trees, bushes and grass and mould the field in order to create a fascinating campsite area with challenting possibilities for troops and patrols on camp.


We wanted the Naesbycentre to be an activity centre.
Therefore, we had to develop activities which, when put in boxes and with an easy described directions, could be carried out by any scout leader. It was more important to promote the interaction between the scout leader, the authority and the scout, who learns by doing, than to keep the scout occupied. 

Our policy has always been simple: The Naesfolks were not to take over resposibility from the leader but to help the leader to carry out the job as a leader.

We wanted the Naesbycentre to be a training centre. We attach importance to the training and activities concerning practical scouting and scouting in harmony with the nature. We wanted the Naesbycentre to be international.
From the start, we wanted to be a part of the world-wide scout fellowship - and also to give the scouts the experience of being a part of it. We wanted the Naesbycentre to be one step ahead. The Naesfolks and the management have always taken on very wide tasks to be at the head of the development. We do not want to sit back and enjoy the view.

We believe that it is important to develop to the benefit of the single scout, of the society and in harmony with the world and the nature which we are a part of.
The building used to store our materials was transported to the center from Copenhagen...

Det internationale Spejdercenter Næsbycentret • Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø • Udlejning: 70 20 72 84
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