Where to go and what to see from the Naesbycentre?

When you are at Næsbycentret ask the Næsfolks in the idéa-workshop about brochures and advise about where to go and how to get there. 

  • Close to the centre is Glumsø Arboret you can see more than 100 different trees.

  • In Naesby Storskov there are more than 100 burial mounds, barrows and passage graves from ancient time.
    Also close by is Vester Broby church with very fine frescos. 

  • A little further away on hikes by foot, bicycles or bus you can go to Trelleborg - an ancient Vikingcastle - by Slagelse 

  • Holmegaards Glassworks and Kählers keramikfactory by Naestved.

  • Soroe - the old town with a middleage church and one of the oldest schools "the Academia" . 

  • Bjernede Round Church the only round church at Zeeland.

  • Kongskilde Friluftsgaard , where you can go swimming in the Tystrup lake from a sandy beach, or visit thefresh-water aquarium with fish from the nearby lake

  • Herlufmagle Friluftsbad - with an outdoor swimmingpool.

  • Ravnsborg fuglereservat - where you can watch wild birds.

  • By bus or train you can visit The Medieval Centre in Nykoebing F, Roskilde city with the big cathedral where the Danish Kings are intered in vairets, The Viking Ship Museum and in "Land of Legends " in Lejre a working iron-age village.

Copenhagen is only one hour by train form Glumsoe and here are mentioned some places to go with scouts in Copenhagen. See map of these and many more sights of Copenhagen
  • The Copenhagen central station is situated in the middle of Copenhagen, and it is easy from there to find your way to see things.

  • "The Round Tower" - every child likes that. It is from 1642 build as a church tower. It is 36 meters high and there are no stairs but a 209 meter long spiral going to the top. When a Tsar of Russia once visit it, he drove up there in a horse-drawn carriage but you have to walk all the way and then you have all the city to look at. 

  • Rosenborg Castle is also from the beginning of 1600. At that time we had a Danish king Christian the 4 who builded many of the nicest buildings in the country. At Rosenborg you can get in to see the whole castle. It is furnished and there are many funny details and also there you can see the Danish crowns and crown jewelleries. 

  • "The little Mermaid" is a must for foreigners - she is just a little mermaid sitting on a stone out in the water - but it is nice around there by the waterfront. 

  • Tivoli Gardens is an amusementpark close to the Central Station. It is lovely with funny buildings and many flowers and it is fun and quite expensive.  

  • Children also like "the canal tours" (DFDS or the cheaper Nettobådene ) - to see Copenhagen from a boat sailing on canals and in the harbour. 

  • Amalienborg Castle where our queen lives and with her guard by the main door and

  • The Christiansborg Castle where the Government is. You can get in to see some of both places. 

  • If you have not been to a Zoo before, the Copenhagen Zoo is worth a visit. You could easily spend the hole day there. 

  • Also there are many museums fit for children not to forget the Experimentarium - as the name says - a place where you can make experiments.
When you are at Næsbycentret ask the Næsfolks in the idéa-workshop about brochures and advise about where to go and how to get there.
Det internationale Spejdercenter Næsbycentret • Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø • Udlejning: 70 20 72 84
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