Centrecamp at Naesbycentret
You can arrive in the middle of a week and stay as long as you like - just notice that the staff changes on Saturdays and scouts are leaving and new are coming.
  • You will get your own campground and you decide what you build up.
  • You bring your own tents and cooking utensils to cook on open fire and whatever you need for outdoor life.
  • We provide you with firewood and lend you laths to build your "diningtable" and other "livingroom furniture" - you don't need to bring tables and chairs from home.

Facilities at the centre
The centre is 27 acres of green campgrounds of grass and bushes with space for about 600 scouts in tents in smaller or bigger groups. We have a hilly activity ground and a small lake which is very good for water activities.

On the campground are there are bathhouses and toilets for boys and girls.
  • In the main building is on ground floor a rooml with a nice fireplace, where the staff sometimes invite to "leader cosiness".
  • You will find a big cooling room for groceries and vegetables, a freezer and our small kiosk called "Biksen".
  • In "Jagtvejen" we have our Idea-workshop where you can get ideas for what you would like to do
  • We also have suggestions and maps for hikes, sightseeing and canoe hiking.
In our material depot you can lent all the material you need for the activities. Furthermore you can also lent the things you forgot back home such as spades, ropes, axes and so on.

We have an agreement with the local super market that they bring out what you order. You can order from the super market during your stay. If you wish to have the food ready at site we you arrive we will send you a food ordering list in advance. The Danish scouts estimate the cost of food to be about Danish kroner 35 per person per day.

You can download the food ordering list here

The insurance of the centre does not include you and your scouts.

Is a small shop where you can buy sweets, ice-cream, soft drinks, postcards, postal stamps, the centre badge, T-shirts with our logo and other small things.

The centre staff
The centre is run entirely by voluntary unpaid Danish scouts call the "Naesfolk's". From June to august there is a staff of 10 - 15 Naesfolks at your service. For the rest of August you are welcome to stay at the centre, but maybe with a more occasionally staff to help you.

You will find Naesfolks working in the Material depot, the Idea workshop, the Staff Office, in Biksen selling ice-cream or sweets, by our cool food store rooms putting in the food you have ordered by our catering system or around on the ground to help you whenever you need it. Also the staff arrange common activities as Sunday morning devotions, big campfires some nights, leader meetings each day, games and maybe history hunts, and one day each week a whole day activity for those who wants to participate.

Activities at The Naesbycentre
At the centre we have a lot of ideas and instructions for you to use. Most of our activities are free of charge - only a few cost extra.

Since 2011 we offer the activity-catalogue to the same level as our usual danish activity catalog. Hence, you will now find more than 100 activities to enjoy. All activities are either accompanied by a staffmember, or delivered with all materials needed (except food) and an english instruction.
Please take a look at the catalogue, you will find many answers in here prior to your stay at Næsbycentret.

Download the activitybook here 

"Before the camp"- meeting...
Every spring we have a meeting at the centre for all leaders participating in centrecamps. You are very welcome to join that meeting or to visit us any other day - just let us know in good time when you will come.

Co-ordination of the activities... is necessary. When we send you the contract we also will send you a week list to fill in with the activities you would like to do during your camp. Please return this plan to your camp staff leader before May 28. We will try to fulfil all your wishes, but it can be necessary to change days if more groups want to do the same activity the same day. Should you during your stay wish to do something quite different, we will naturally do what we can to help you to arrange it.

Naesby-Miljoe-Pionér Badge
The Environmental Pioneer Badge in Danish called "Naesby-Miljoe-Pionér" is a nice woven badge you can achieve if you participate with enthusiasm in our garbage sorting system and also make 2 of our "Green Pioneer" activities. You will get a "Næsby-Miljø-Pionér" diploma and you can buy the badge for Danish kroner 15.-

On a small stream and lakes near by the centre you can go canoe hiking for 1, 2 or 3 days in 3-man canoes. With the canoes you can get the necessary gear for cooking and maps with many places where to pass the night - 2 of the places are free of charge, the rest cost Danish kroner 20 per person per night. You have to rent the canoes at an external hirer. You should book them well in advance.

We have 8 small yellow kayaks to sail on our "Loch Naes". You can book time for them at the centre.

The staffleader can tell you about services in the Danish churches nearby or get you in touch with a Catholic priest.

Camp- and safety-regulations
The campsite, the planting and the Westwood:
  • Do not run or play at the steep slopes.
  • Do not cut or break branches from the trees or bushes.
  • Do not climb and walk on - or over the dike and into the Westwood.
  • Activities in the Westwood are only allowed after permission from the campstaffleader
Outdoor taps may be used only to fetch water. Dishwashing and washing of clothes take place at your campground. Personal wash also take place at your campground or in the bathrooms.

Waste water
Do not dig wastewater holes in your campground. You can dig a hole in the planted area between the campgrounds (please do not damage the plants).

Do not saw through the laths. Do not use the laths as firewood. Bring the laths back to the lath depot, when you are finished with them.

Park your car at the centre-parking-area.

Driving at the campsite
Only after permission from a member of the centre staff.

Show consideration for our neighbours and the other scouts at the centrecamp - and let the ghettoblaster stay at home.

Use the existing campfire places.

At the lake
The lake is not for swimming; and fishing is allowed only in connection with one of the centre activities.

Activities at the lake: NO activities at the lake without:
1) you all have a life jacket tied firm to your body.
2) a responsible leader - with a life jacket on - by the lake
3) the oars to the rowing boat is in the boat and
4) the boat is in the water.

Our waste recycling and sorting system for garbage in hot compost, compost with worms, metal, glass, cardboard, plastic, paper, batteries and remaining waste is a success with the scouts. You will get instructions about it. We know by experience, that your scouts will be interested in doing something for the environment and also because they have to do it properly together with other green activities to achieve our nice woven "Environmental Pioneer" badge.
Dogs: are usually not allowed at the centre. but ask us, when you send your booking form.

Transport to The Naesbycentre
The Naesbycentre is situated in the island Zealand (Sjaelland) on road no. 239 - 11 km from Soroe, 17 km from Naestved, 4 km from Glumsoe and 90 km from Copenhagen Airport.

From Germany by road or rail you take the ferry from Puttgarden to Roedby and go to Naestved. By road you take road no. 239 to the centre. By rail you may change in Naestved to a local train, go one stop to Glumsoe and walk 4 km to the centre or take from a bus from Glumsoe to bus stop "Naesby Bro" and walk 400 metre to the centre. From Copenhagen central station you take the train to Glumsoe. Also from Soroe and Naestved you can take a bus to busstop "Naesby Bro" and walk the 400 metre to the centre.

You can send your gear by rail to Glumsoe, but you have to send it in good time before your camp to be sure it gets there in time.

If you want to go sightseeing, you will in our Ideaworkshop find many ideas where to go, and our staff can help you to arrange it.

As something quite new we can get you group tickets for the train to a much lower price to go to Copenhagen. You just have to ask for the tickets before the camp and pay for them in advance. The cost for one return ticket to Copenhagen is usually about Danish kroner 100 but we can get it for about kroner 60 per person in a group.

More practical informations
The price for the camp is Danish kroner 60.- DKK per person per night covering the camp fee, firewood and most of the activities (you can bring your own gas- or other kind of cooking gear, but we can not provide you with fuel for that). Food is not included in the camp fee.

Booking fee (deposit)
When you have send us the booking inquiry form and got the booking form (contract) from us, you will have to send us the booking form signed by you and then pay a booking fee. When we get that, you can be sure we have booked room for you at the camp. The booking fee is 1/5 of the camp fee. For all participants that actually arrive at the centre the booking fee will be deducted in full from the final bill when your are at the centre. In the event of a cancellation up to 1 month before the date of arrival, half the booking fee will be reimbursed. If a cancellation is made after this point, the booking fee will be retained by the centre.

The Naesbycentre badge
... a nice woven badge you can buy in our kiosk at the centre, or you can order it on the booking inquiry form to be send to you before the camp - and you pay it together with the booking fee. The badge costs Danish kroner 15.- a piece.

Post to the camp:

Att. "Name of the scout group + person"
Skelbyvej 126
DK - 4171 Glumsoe

Telephone to Camp Staff Office + 45 57 64 72 84 may be used during the camp only if it is absolutely necessary.
Det internationale Spejdercenter Næsbycentret • Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø • Udlejning: 70 20 72 84
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