How much does it cost to stay at the Næsby Centre?

It costs 60 DKK pr person pr night to stay at Næsby. The price

includes free firewood, access to all activities, the camp site it self, showers

(hot water tokens can be bought on site) and access to free wireless internet.

We arrive by bus, where can we park it? And where can our driver stay?

Unfortunately you cannot park the bus at Næsby because the soil is too soft and the

bus will get stuck. However you can park the bus in a small city called Glumsø

5 km from the scout centre.

If you need a place for the driver to stay please contact the hostel

Kongskilde. (http://www.kongskildefriluftsgaard.dk/html/kontakt.html) which

is situated close by. Do remember to inform the hostel if you need room for a

bus or two.

Your driver is also more than welcome to stay in a tent on our campsite.

We would like to go canoeing for one, two or three days

Well if you feel like a canoe hike you have come to the right place! Close by

our scout centre we have Susåen (river) and a small company renting out


You can fit two/three scouts in each canoe and will need to bring food and

tents for your canoe hike. For rental information contact Suså kano udlejning

(http://www.kanoudlejning.dk/ ) via mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call + 45 57 64 61 44 to book your canoe

trip and get the latest info on prices.

Do we need to pre-book activities, shelters or the open-air kitchen?

Yes - we have many visitors to the centre therefore we prefer you to

pre-book your activities. Download our activity brochure, and email your activity wishes to your campleader.
 (The international coordinator will provide you the necessary

contact information.)

We would like to visit Copenhagen while we stay at Næsby

Visiting Copenhagen is a must if you haven't been to Denmark before.

Trains leave every hour from Glumsø station (5 km from our scout centre.)

It takes approx 50 min check out the timetables at Rejseplanen (http://

www.rejseplanen.dk/bin/query.exe/en?). Gain inspiration for your stay here:


If we want to go swimming or do a one day trip outside the scout centre which

options do we have?

Depending on your means of transportation you have many different options:


Herlufmagle Open Air Pool (link: http://www.herlufmagle-hallen.dk/22642729)

situated approx 9 km from Næsby

Herlufsholm svømmehal (link: http://herlufsholmic.dk/) (Indoor pool) situated

14 km from Næsby

Fun fair parks and museums:

Bonbonland: Approx 20 km from our scout centre we have a fun fair park

targeting children from 8+ (http://www.bonbonland.dk/)

Roskilde Viking Museum (link: http://vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/): Discover

the world of Vikings in Roskilde. (50 km from Næsby - available by train)

Tivoli (http://www.tivoli.dk/ ): The 150 year old fun fair park in Copenhagen is

world famous - and only 50 min away by train.

Møns klint (link:http://moensklint.dk/) 80 km from Næsby the white cliffs of

Møn rise. Visit the newly buildt GeoCenter of Møn.

Legoland (http://www.legoland.dk/): The world famous fun fair park build

entirely from lego - situated 200 km from Næsby
Det internationale Spejdercenter Næsbycentret • Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø • Udlejning: 70 20 72 84
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